Testing out dehydrated food for camping trip

As we start to plan out a fall camping trip, we are testing out some dehydrated foods for those days when we don’t want to spend hours prepping a meal. If anyone knows Adam and I at all, you will know that cooking isn’t our passion even at home!

We saw Good To-Go at Outdoor Retailer in July, so we hunted them down when back in Canada. It looks like they are currently only available at MEC. Each pack is $15 which is definitely more expensive than the other brands on the wall.

Testing Dehydrated Foods

We went to our local provincial park for the test – as everything tastes better outside!

We poured the boiling water in, and we followed the instructions to the letter and even reflected on life for a few minutes! A good day to do this, as an old friend of mine from childhood passed away this same morning from cancer. It was a good reminder that we need to spend more time outside and enjoy life’s adventures.

As the meals were hydrating, the aroma was tantalizing us. They smelled so good that we were pretty much drooling by the time the 20 minutes was up.

I tried the Indian Style Vegetable Korma first.  Great flavours! I am personally not a big fan of chickpeas so I probably wouldn’t buy this one again, but the flavours were amazing.

Good To-Go Korma Testing

Adam and I ended up sharing the Thai Style Curry bag because it was so good, and neither of us wanted to let the bag go!  This one had come with a coconut milk pack that we had to mix in before adding the boiling water, so this really made it creamy. So Yummy! This one was definitely a 5 out of 5 for us! It smelled great, and it tasted great.

Good to-go Thai Curry Testing

Next up will be the Pad Thai with shrimp and peanuts as I already know that this one will be a winner.

Looking forward to our camping trip where we will have gourmet meals in just a few short minutes!

Other Gear pictured:

Light my Fire of Sweden – We seem to collect sporks but they are so handy to have around. We have bought them mainly from either MEC or SAIL.

Hydro Flask – These water bottles keep your colds cold for up to 24hrs and hots hot for 6hrs.  There is nothing worse than lukewarm on a hot or cold day. Their online store does not ship to Canada, but you can buy at most outdoor retailers across Canada, plus MEC, Atmosphere, and Altitude-Sports.  (*Note: We – HT Designs –  do marketing work for Hydro Flask in Canada, but opinions noted are my own).

GSI Outdoors – Tin Plates always come in handy at campsites, although to keep cleaning to a minimum you can eat the dehydrated foods right out of the bag. We bought our set at SAIL in Burlington.


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