Sweetfield Manor – Unique Boutique Hotel in Barbados

We booked a trip to Barbados based on the look of a boutique hotel. We do not like to stay in the typical resort or hotel, so I am always on the lookout for something unique that stands out from the expected.

I stumbled upon Sweetfield Manor’s website and the photos made it look divinely relaxing and unique.  I did have immediate buyer’s remorse when I read a few reviews that had red flags pop up for me, but it was too late to change our minds. We would make the best of it (but soon realized that those reviews were unfounded).

On Arrival:
We rented a car which is always fun in a new place – especially when you have to drive on the opposite side of the road from what you are used to! Trying to find the manor after dark was a bit of an exercise, but we made it.  With a dark driveway, little signage, and a muddy parking lot, we had a few moments of sceptical panic.  We grabbed our suitcases and hauled them over the gravel drive to the manor’s front door to be greeted by nobody. Awkward!!  Please note, that this was not indicative of the rest of the stay – this was purely because it was Christmas Eve and they wanted as much of their team to be home with their families.

Our Room:
We were finally shown to our “Island room” in the original Colonial Manor building. The island theme worked its charm and we immediately started to relax and unwind.

We suddenly realized we were starving and cranky, but nothing was open because it was Christmas Eve and we had arrived late. Thankfully, we were told that the restaurant on site would be able to accommodate us as they had a birthday cancellation. Phew!

The meal was amazing. We decided right then and there that it was the best meal we had ever had – or at least in the top 5!  

Gourmet Breakfasts:
The Sweetfield Manor is known for their 4-course gourmet breakfasts and little did we realize that we were in for a real treat.

Before you can even talk about the breakfast , however, you have to talk about the Peacocks! Peacocks strut around the courtyards showing off their colourful feathers in the hopes of scoring some breakfast treats. We were more than happy to oblige!

Breakfast usually started with a fruit smoothie or a plate of fresh fruit. Then a platter of fresh baked goods with specialty jams would arrive at the table. The main course was different every day, but most often had sausage, bacon or ham, poached or over easy eggs on a bed of potatoes, salad or biscuit. Finally, what is more gourmet than ending breakfast with dessert?   My husband and I gained at least 10 pounds in just 4 days on the island.

The Beautiful Grounds:
The grounds were beautifully maintained. They were a real tropical oasis in the middle of a UNESCO heritage community.   Due to the holidays, there were not a lot of guests and we were able to enjoy our surroundings in almost complete privacy.  We had the lounge chairs and swimming grotto completely to ourselves and we took full advantage.  

Even though the hotel wasn’t on the water, it was close enough to walk to the local beach and restaurants. It was an easy drive around the island to see stunning views and visit tourist attractions.

What started on a sceptical note turned into a “must visit again” . We look forward to many repeat visits.

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