Swept Away in Jamaica

Going to an all-inclusive resort had never been on our bucket list, and we were a bit disappointed to have to “waste” our vacation money on a destination wedding.  The Couples Resort Swept Away in Jamaica proved our assumptions all wrong!

The resort was beautiful. I absolutely loved the villa style buildings with small lagoons and gardens running throughout. We even had our very own kitty sunning itself on our Ocean Suite verandah.

Couples Resort Swept Away Villas

The setting for the beach wedding was beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it is a little strange to be sitting 6 feet away from an overweight dude in a skimpy bathing suit, but the hotel did a great job of keeping people out of the way of photos.  The shades of blue and green, along with great shadows on the sand made for the perfect setting for photos!

Beach wedding in Jamaica

After the wedding ceremony, the wedding party went on a catamaran cruise which was a lot of fun. We went swimming in caves, enjoyed a couple glasses of Rum Punch, and watched the sunset all while listening to Rasta Ralphie and his old guitar.

We have always heard horror stories about food at all-inclusive resorts, but we were pleasantly surprised and soon had our favourite restaurants. We ate at the Cabana Grill every day at lunch, and enjoyed a BBQ’d Jerk Chicken sandwich every single day! Adam and I love Thai food, so the Lemongrass was a hit and we booked reservations twice.

Adam and I at the Lemongrass
Across the road was the spa and fitness facility.  We got caught in a downpour while over there, so we relaxed on some comfy couches and enjoyed a couple smoothies while watching international sport reruns.

One day, we booked an excursion of local shopping with an end destination of Rick’s Cafe. (Check out more photos and Adam’s 35ft dive ).

Ricks Cafe in Jamaica

The markets were definitely colourful, but we did not enjoy the shopping as the people were very aggressive and I thought Adam might punch someone out for grabbing my arm. I did buy a small painting as a souvenir for myself.

Local Jamaican Markets

The resort has a lot of activities and Adam did the Scuba course and one introductory dive. I am not a strong swimmer, so I went to the spa and got a pedicure instead. Go figure!  I had to post this one silly photo of Adam though just to embarrass him a little. (This photo was taken by a professional resort provided photographer).  He loved it, and has been talking about getting certified ever since.

Scuba diving Adam in Jamaica

We spent a little bit of time relaxing on the beach, watching the guys selling conch shells, and drinking Purple Rain. (Those grape tasting slushies were super addictive!)

Despite the long drive back to the airport, we were so relaxed that we were already talking about a return trip!


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