Hezen Cave Hotel in Cappadocia

Visiting Turkey was already checking off something big on my travel bucket list, but staying at a Cave Hotel took it to a whole other level!

After much research about Cappadocia on Trip Advisor, and seeing that the  Hezen Cave Hotel had a 5 star rating and rave reviews, I had to book a cave suite for our stay.

My husband was a bit skeptical when we passed through narrow cobblestone streets to finally show up at what looked like a very small building on the side of a hill.

Hezen Cave Hotel Cappadocia Turkey

But he soon understood my fascination with cave hotels, when we were shown to our room.  Below is the carved entrance way to our room with our own private seating area.

Entrance way to our room

Stepping inside the door had me holding my breathe as it was more than where my imagination had taken me. The whole room was carved out of rock and one can’t even fathom the number of hours it took to create.

Hezen Cave Rooms

The bathrooms had hand painted sinks and brightly coloured vanities and mirrors along with  – you guessed it – Turkish Towels!

I wasn’t feeling well during this part of the trip due to not being used to the heat, so we spent a lot of time reading in the many private seating areas located on the side of the mountain.  The staff would come by and cut off grapes from the vines growing there for us to enjoy.

Hezen Cave Seating Areas

The view of the Ortahisar Castle was magnificant both in the day and at night.

Ortahisar Castle Cappadocia

I would highly recommend this hotel if you are thinking of visiting this area. The husband and wife team who owned and ran the hotel were lovely, and were extremely helpful in making suggestions of where to go locally.

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