Awe Inspiring Rock at the Arches National Park in Moab, Utah

When my husband and I decided to add a day to our business trip, a visit to Moab was on the top of our list. We loaded up with snow pants and winter hiking boots and were excited to see the famous Arches in a winter wonderland. Sadly, we arrived in the town of Moab to discover that they had rain the previous day which removed any lasting snow.

We woke up to rain in the forecast and heavy grey cloud cover, but we decided to make the best of it, and headed over early to the Arches National Park.

We were NOT disappointed!

Early morning fog creeping through the rocks gave an eery, scary movie atmosphere that had us on the edge of our seats. Spot the car in the distance for a perspective on how massive these rock formations really are. Amazing – no filters needed!

Drive through Arches National Park

We headed for the Windows Arches, AKA Spectacles, and started up the trail. The combination of season, terrain and fog gave so many unique photo opportunities.

Lone desert tree, moab utah

This is my favourite photo of the trip. This photo speaks to me in ways I can not explain. The fog creates a peaceful feeling, with depths that talk to the unknown. It lets your imagination run wild – I expected to see a giant brontosaurus stick his head above that rock at any moment and trumpet his hello.

South Window Arches, Moab, Utah

I had Adam, stand in the middle of the Turret Arch, so we could show the perspective of how big these rock formations really are.  Humans are so insignificant, and I for one, stand in awe at God’s creation.

Turret Arch - arches national park utah

We took so many photos that it is always hard to decide which to share. As we headed over to the Double Arches, the sun came out briefly through a blue patch of sky so we were able to get the “traditional” photo that everyone takes of the beautiful red rocks against blue.


Despite our original disappointment around weather, we realized that there is no such thing as a bad day in the Arches!

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