Best Airports for Art Installations

Flight delays happen. Many airports have upped their game and have art installations or art galleries throughout their terminals to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with delays and missed connections.  Some airports even have art galleries alongside their moving sidewalks so that even if you are running from one gate to another, you can still experience the local art scene.

I have two favourite airports at the moment. Vancouver and Miami.

The Vancouver Airport supports emerging First Nations artists, while creating an amazing passenger experience through art located throughout the airport.

I had a few minutes to kill before hopping on a flight to Portland, so stopped to take a photo of this “Transformation Mask” by the artist, Stan Wamiss.  The mask opens and closes while the lighting constantly changes reflecting the act of transforming from one being into another. Every time I put my camera away and turned to leave, I would look up and see another cool shot to take.

Vancouver Airport Artwork

Read more about the art in the Vancouver Airport:


Every time we walk (or run) through the Miami Airport, we take a photo of this stunning 72 foot long wall that is made up of 150 colourful transparent panes of glass.  It never looks the same way twice depending on the time of day.

Miami Airport Artwork

Read more about the art in the Miami Airport:

Every airport has its own personality whether it be through architecture or by art. Which airports are your favourites?

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