Test Your Skills: Aerosports Ninja Warrior Course

We have taken our ‘Little Brother‘ to all the Trampoline parks in the Toronto area, but as he grows older they were all beginning to feel a little small.  So when we heard that Aerosports in Oakville had renovated and added in a Ninja Warrior course with claims of the biggest in Canada, we had to go check it out.

The course is housed in a double-decker structure with multiple lines to complete on each floor.  I didn’t count, but there is at least 20 different sections to conquer.

There was good variety in the activities so there was something for everyone, from rope work to balance to strength work.

The course was hard so impossible to learn the full course at one time,  making you want to come back again to conquer more sections.

The course had lots of padding and there was always a staff member on watch to address any safety concerns.

aerosports ninja warrior course

A lot of the structure was at a height for younger kids to manage, so made it hard for an older kid like our ‘Little Brother’ to get under and really test his abilities.

There were no instructions, so there were some sections that we didn’t know the activity or the purpose. The staff were able to help in some cases, but had little knowledge overall.

Aerosports Ninja Warrior Course in Oakville

Overall, we had a really great experience and was a great test of skills. We will definitely be back to conquer fears and to learn new sections of the course.

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