Drive up Haleakala Volcano

You can’t visit Maui, and not become familiar with the Haleakala Volcano since it forms more than 75% of the island. If you have the time take the drive to the summit it is worth it for the views!

Haleakala Summit views

The elevation of 10,000 ft (3,055 m) above sea level, makes for a scary look over the edge, and if you have problems with altitude sickness like I do, be prepared for a blinding headache, and potential nausea. It was also very chilly, so was glad that I had packed a jacket as we explored the area.

The edge of Haleakala Volcano

The Hawaiian Silversword Plant is very rare and found only above the 6,000 ft level on Haleakala and on Mauna Loa on the Hawaii Island.  So it was fitting that my husband took a picture with his ultra rare Limited Edition Nike Atmos Air Max 1.

Silversword and Limited Edition Nike Atmos

The drive was a bit-nerving racking, as it looked like you were about to launch into thin air on the winding corners. So as a passenger, there were definitely some moments where I had my eyes closed! On the way down, I was able to keep my eyes open long enough to snap a photo.

Road up to Haleakala Volcano

Our next visit will definitely include an early morning start to see the sunrise, which we hear is absolutely stunning.

TIP:  Fill up your gas tank as their are NO stations for miles! We made it, but we did run it a bit too close for comfort.

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