Snorkling Molokini Crater off the coast of Maui

We like to snorkel everywhere we go, and Maui was no exception. We chose the Molokini Express Tour by Kai Kanani because it starts first thing in the morning, so that we would still have the full day to explore the Island. We got up at 5:30 to make it over to Makena Beach & Golf Resort for a 6AM sign in.

They served a light breakfast on board, but admittedly I was too excited or nervous to eat much. As we headed towards the crater we got to experience a wonderful sunrise.
Maui Molokini Snorkling

The early bird truly catches the worm and the $60+ US each was well worth every penny. We got to the crater before other boats arrived so we were snorkelling virtually undisturbed. Since there were so few of us on the boat, they actually went to the backside of the crater where the wall was several hundred feet down giving lots of areas to check out fish. I got to go head to head with my fear of sharks, and saw a couple within just a few feet away. (The week after we were there someone got killed in a shark attack right off Makena Beach – so there is always some validity to my fear!)
Equipment and Molokini in the distance

The crew on board were great to get our equipment on and to calm any nervousness anyone may have had. They kept a close eye on all of us and occasionally pointed out rare sights that we might have otherwise missed.

We then headed over to Turtle Town and saw a couple of turtles up close and personal.

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