My 3 Favourite Restaurants in Portland Oregon

Having been to Portland several times over the last ten years, I have had the pleasure of enjoying many restaurants. Portland is a foodie town so if the food is not up to par, the establishment wouldn’t last long.  My list of favourites is definitely a lot longer than three, but I decided on these three below due to the fact that I have visited multiple times and each time was better than the first.

Andina is based on Peruvian flavours, culture and hospitality. Andina is a great place to go with a larger group so you can order several tapas on the menu allowing you to try as many new dishes as you can. Great flavours. There is something for every palate! Just be careful because some dishes can be packed with extra heat!!

Andina Cocktail

A favourite drink of mine is called “Sacsayhuaman”. (Photo from the Andina Website)
A Habanero pepper infused vodka shaken with pureed passionfruit and cane sugar. I loved it so much, that I decided to replicate the recipe myself and it has now become “My Signature” drink even at home.

Mediterranean Exploration Company

The best part of this restaurant is that if you leave it up to the chef, you will receive whatever he feels inspired to create in the moment.  So take it from me, order the Tasting Menu.

One of my favourites on the menu is the Bacon Wrapped Dates.  Items such as the Moroccan Baked Eggs were definitely a first for me making it a meal never to be forgotten.

My only disappointment, is that each time that I have been here, the dessert was simply chocolate covered pistachios. They were a great finisher, but I am big dessert fan, so would have loved to have tried something new and delicious.

Mediterranean Exploration Company Restaurant

The long harvest tables are conducive to meeting new friends and having great conversation. (Photo from the Mediterranean Exploration Company’s Website)

Pok Pok

The valet at Hotel Monaco (now called the Royal Sonesta) suggested we try a restaurant from the up and coming area on Division Street with a specific call out for Pok Pok.  Are we ever glad we listened.  We were a bit hesitant when we first walked up since it was just a house with tent-like structures attached to the outside.

We ordered their signature dishes and fell in love with the authentic flavours of Thailand. The MUST TRY is the Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings, but everything was really good.

Pok Pok Portland Dishes

The colourful tablecloths make for great instagram photos too!  The drink below is called the Khing & I  (Mekhong, lime and house made ginger syrup on the rocks) and it had a good spicy kick to it.

Pok Pok Cocktail with colourful tablecloths

Now that I look back over my favourite restaurants in Portland,  I see that I have travelled the world while staying in Portland, from Peru to the Mediterranean to Thailand.  I also seem to favour “tasting menus” as a way to try as many dishes as possible.

I cannot leave this blog post without a call out to my favourite donut shop  – Voodoo Doughnuts!

Fruit Loop donut from Voodoo doughnuts in Portland

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