Good Eats: Otto’s Bierhalle in Toronto

Knowing that we are big fans of a good breakfast, a colleague had recommended Otto’s Bierhalle for brunch.  We headed downtown Toronto on a Saturday morning, so that we could be there for when the doors opened at 11am.

(TIP: If you want good photos of the decor, be there when it opens or you will have a lot of heads in your photos).

The decor is very industrial with its layers of decaying brick, tin tile ceiling, bare light bulbs, and uncovered pipes. The dark wood community tables, hanging planters and wall art gave the space warmth and instagram-able photos!

Otto's Bierhalle Decor

Otto's Bierhalle Decor

We ordered the brunch feast that had 3 types of schnitzel, waffles and poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. It was our first time having Halloumi, and we had to ask what it was. For others as unenlightened as ourselves, it is an unripened, brined cheese made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk which is easily fried. I can’t stomach goat cheese, but this was not a strong tasting cheese and I quite enjoyed it!

Schnitzel and Waffle Brunch Platter

The combination of sweet waffles with the schnitzel and hollandaise sauce was sublime. We devoured the platter in record time and enjoyed every mouthful!

We are not beer drinkers, but many people were indulging in one of their many beers on tap with breakfast.

Otto's Beers on Tap

After a coffee and mimosa, I needed to hit the washroom before we headed on our way. I always judge an establishment by their washroom, and this one most definitely surprised me.

If you see a big red button in the washroom, do you assume that it is an emergency button or do you hit it out of curiosity? You hit it!!

Otto's Bathrooms

When the food and the decor are top notch, you simply have no choice but to write a review. We give it 5 stars and are already planning our next visit!

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