Business Trip to Halifax Turns Into a Sightseeing Adventure

One of the best things about a business trip is finding some spare time to explore a new city, search for street art or try a new restaurant.   A quick two day trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia last month was no exception.

After the long and dreary winter in Toronto, the colours of Halifax were inviting and refreshing.  Every where from the harbourfront, to the Citadel, to a dinner of lobster, to Peggy’s Cove, the colours were bright and cheerful.

There is a saying, “When on the East Coast, eat lobster.”  Okay, so I made that up, but it is true. You will taste the freshest and tastiest lobster when you eat it at the source.   The Press Gang offered a traditional lobster boil already split and cracked so the hard work was already done. Even though that takes away from the painful but authentic experience of wearing a bib in public, it does make it easier for the first-timers at the table.

Press Gang Restaurant

Strolling along the harbourfront as we headed back to our Marriott Hotel, we saw some really great street art along the way. It seems that all my favourite street artists were commissioned to do large-scale wall paintings in Halifax. This wall by Jason Botkin is the same artist who created some of the paint at Toronto’s Underpass Park.

Street Art by Jason Botkin

Another favourite artist, Uber 5000, pulled out this harbour-appropriate masterpiece in Halifax and put a smile on my face.

Street art by Uber 5000 in Halifax

With a few hours to spare in the morning before meetings were to begin, I headed to Peggy’s Cove for the prerequisite photo of the lighthouse.

Peggy's Cove Lighthouse in Nova ScotiaI found so much more than the iconic lighthouse. The fishing village was alive with colour and I took so many photos that my phone’s battery died. It was still early morning, so the fishing boats were all out at sea, but I found plenty that caught my eye.

Peggy's Cove fishing community

Some may see a mess of traps, rope and buoys, but the textures and colours created their own piece of art.

Traps, buoys and rope Nova Scotia

Even the colourful retail shops in downtown Halifax pulled you down the sidewalk to see what they had to offer.  Halifax is definitely a city that requires no camera filters.

The colour of retail in Nova scotia

Finally, as I was headed for a late-night flight home, I took one last photo that speaks to the history of Halifax. The Citadel Hill is a National Historic site dating back to 1749. I have visited this fort before, and know that if you enter and climb to the top, you will have fantastic views of the city.

Citadel Halifax Nova Scotia

I packed a lot into this quick trip to Halifax, but it felt like a mini-vacation instead of a whirl-wind business trip.

Always a pleasure, Halifax! Next time I am packing my hiking boots and heading to Mahone Bay.

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